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Coaching services:

High impact, results-oriented coaching for sustainable transformation.

As your coach, I am an ally and supportive thought-partner, and I will both challenge you and cheer you on. I don't tell you what to do. Rather, my job is to make you think and reflect, to help you change your perspective or see things in a different way, identify barriers and expose blindspots, and strategize with you about paths and solutions. I help you get a clear picture of where you want to go, develop an individualized plan to get you there, and hold you accountable to follow through on your commitments.

My coaching takes a holistic approach. I see you as YOU, a whole person, and not simply for what you "do". The focus of our coaching engagement is work-related, but encompasses greater issues such as values, purpose and work-life integration.

judtih atwood professional coaching and consulting


"Jude has helped me to identify and use problem solving techniques to break down the barriers on the goals I want to achieve. The results have been wonderful. I am moving slowly toward my self-actualization. Thank you, Jude. You're amazing!"

– Family Physician


Coaching is highly individual but there are common topics or areas of focus that we may cover.

I work with both organizations and individuals on:

  • Performance & Productivity - accelerate results, get re-energized and reach goals as effectively and efficiently as possible

  • Leadership & Development - bridge the gap to your next level of success; enhance specific interpersonal, communication, leadership or managerial skills

  • Transition - new role or leadership position; preparing for or returning from maternity leave; career change

  • Burnout - reduce stress and improve work-life integration

  • Entrepreneurship - starting, growing or evolving your business

  • Fulfilment - deepen your sense of purpose and contribution; leverage your natural strengths and core values


The Coaching Experience

What you can expect


One-on-one confidential conversations

While I have a standard approach to my coaching process, no two engagements are the same. My coaching will be tailored to your needs, objectives and schedule, while remaining focused on, and without compromising, your end goals.

Typically, here’s how it works:

An initial conversation to discuss your or your employee's professional needs, why you've sought out coaching and the desired results. We will learn more about one another and discuss what the coaching relationship might look like.

  • If we decide to work together, we will: prioritize the areas of focus, create measurable goals, set desired outcomes and agree on how best to work together.

  • Sessions are generally held bi-weekly and usually last 60 minutes. That said, depending on your needs, some sessions are shorter and can be more or less frequent. The duration of the coaching engagement varies depending on needs and desired outcomes.

  • Email and phone support is offered between sessions throughout the coaching engagement.

  • At each meeting we will debrief results and make adjustments based on new learning and awareness.

  • At the end of the coaching engagement we will review progress to date, discuss outcomes and create strategies to sustain long-term progress.



"Jude is an excellent listener and was able to reframe and reflect back my thoughts in a way that helped simplify these decisions. For a type A person like myself, the commitments that she held me to at the end of every session helped me to achieve a decision that had previously been haunting me for months if not years without progress."

– Urologist

judith atwood coaching and consulting


Consulting Services:

Interested in consulting services for your organization?

I provide legal talent management consulting services. For more information on how I can assist, please get in touch with me.

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